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How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Plastic Smell
How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Plastic Smell

Before start Our article about how to get rid of air fryer plastic smell. Meet the most revolutionary new appliance in the market today, the Air Fryer.

The Air Frying Dilemma: The Pros and Cons of Cooking with an Air Fryer

If you are cooking for a small family or just want to eat healthier, an air fryer is absolutely the way to go unless you are looking for some deep-fried goodness, of course.

Air frying is a type of oven that uses hot air to create the same crispy texture as deep frying without any of the health risks or dangers associated with it.

Air-fried foods typically contain less fat and calories than traditionally cooked foods, yet they still have the same crunchiness and taste as if they were deep-fried.

However, there are some downsides to using air fryer recipes using this cooking method, like lack of flavor due to no oil usage and having to use your hands more because there is no way for food to be set on a plate or pan inside an air fryer.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

Air fryer use a technology that circulates hot air to cook your food inside, that might otherwise be submerged in oil or grease.

The heating element in the air fryer radiates heat from “almost” all the extra grease on top of the chamber, and there is a fan that helps the air inside the cooker circulate around your food, ensuring it gets fully cooked food all through evenly and quickly if desired.

The temperatures can go up to high temperatures between 250–350 °C depending on what brand rack grill you have.

Cooking times can be reduced by 20% or more compared to cooking using other methods like ovens, for example.

Before learning all about how to get rid of the air fryer smell, it is must first understand what actually is the reason for this smelly air fryer smell. stick till the end of this post to get more ideas.

Why Air Fryer Smells?

Air fryer tend to smell. Some air fryers are new, and they often have a plastic smell, while others come from old kitchens used for baking food, which would frequently create an unpleasant burning odor. 

While the reasons for this are different (the material of their parts and whether or not they are cleaned), both can be removed by using some easy steps: deep cleaning your air fryer or running it with distilled vinegar and lime or lemon juice, from inside.

Some air fryers cause an odd smell of plastic once they are turned on for the first few uses.

This smell comes from burning off a protective coating applied to the interior components during manufacturing. 

The burnt smell also should disappear after using the fryer a few times – just clean it after frying and wiping it down with warm water distilled with vinegar and lime juice, and dish soap will eliminate any odor.

Air fryer can emit strange odors in some scenarios, like when some malfunctions occur.

You should avoid using cheap, knockoff brands of air fryers. Some manufacturers place a toner added to the plastics in their products, resulting in an odor becoming emitted long after you start using it.

If that’s the case, unplug your new air fryer, clean your appliance and contact the manufacturer of your brand.

Sometimes, electrical malfunctions in appliances such as fridges, dryers, and heating equipment have been known to lead to fires.

If this happens, the appliance will fill the room with wisps of inconspicuous blue smoke, which you may or may not notice right away.

If you just bought an air fryer and your food smells like burnt plastic smell or chemical, don’t worry about what you just read.

Some odor is normal to ensure that the appliance has been taken care of properly. It doesn’t mean that it’s malfunctioned.

Why Does My Air Fryer Smell Like Plastic?

Why Does My Air Fryer Smell Like Plastic?

Air fryers are made up of heat-resistant plastic, which variously extends to most of the components inside. 

Sometimes, however, factories do not have the resources to remove odors from plastics because they want to produce as many products as possible to be price competitive. 

Sometimes, a “plastic” type odor escapes into the air during the user’s first few tries.

Few reasons are there from which we easily understand Why air fryers smells like plastic one:

  • The plastic on most air fryers can leave a very strong smell after heating. This stench is usually caused by the protective coating over the plastic.
  • Not everyone can afford a high-quality cooker for their home kitchen. Most of the time, manufacturers are too hasty, and as a result, there’s not enough time to test-run their fryers at home first. 
  • The downside is that this often results in insufficient cleaning leaving behind a weird smell on the very first batch of food you fry in it. 
  • Air fryers have many mechanical parts, of which one is a venting fan, which is made up of plastic molds. These plastic molds might overheat during the first few usages and release some plastic fumes that everyone complains about.
  • Many other reasons are available, such as lack of maintenance or cleaning, improper use of air fryer, and factory defects in some cases.

Curious about ‘What Are The Benefits Of Using An Air Fryer‘? Air fryers are perfect kitchen appliances that allow you to cook with up to 90% less oil and make delicious baked goods or fried foods.

Does the plastic smell from an air fryer make the food dangerous to eat?

By taking a few precautionary measures before using your new air fryer or for cooking food the first time, you can help to preserve the freshness of your food while also reducing your chance of contracting health issues associated with ingesting food particles from plastic.

Some tips to help you get started:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any food.
  • Wipe down the air fryer with a clean cloth or paper towel, making sure to remove any dust or debris that might have accumulated on it.
  • Cut up your food into small pieces so that it cooks evenly and doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom of the air fryer.
  • Use cooking spray or oil to coat the food before placing it in the air fryer. This will help to create a barrier between the food and the hot surface of the air fryer, and will also help to prevent sticking.

By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure that your food remains fresh and safe to eat.

Are Air Fryers Made of Bpa-Free Plastic?

The majority of new air fryers that are made from plastic.

While many people are using BPA-free air fryer because of the health risks that are associated with them, the American Chemical Society (ACS) has determined that the chemicals that make up plastic are safe for human consumption.

All recent studies have shown that air fryers are BPA-free.

The chemical composition of an air fryer is much different than that of regular fry pans.

The majority of all air fryers are made from polycarbonate, which has a chemical composition similar to that of water.

Since the chemicals that make up plastic are not toxic, they are safe for use in everyday life.

How To Get Rid Of Air Fryer Plastic Smell Or Completely Remove It From Air Fryer?

Of course, you want to remove that awful smell from the food inside of your brand new air fryer too, as soon as possible so you can get to cooking in this great kitchen appliance. Here are some important steps to be followed with the new air fryer for the best results:

  • Firstly, You need to run your air fryer empty for 5 to 10 minutes at 250–350 °C before you cook food in it. This is because the baskets have a protective layer that needs to burn off before you cook food. But if your air fryer has more plastic parts, you may need to do this more than once.
  • The cleanliness of your air fryer correctly is always important, but some critical areas of your machine need special care. Pay attention to particular parts in your air fryer like the vents on top, the inside of the pan, basket, grill rack, and other components for optimum performance. Consider using soap to clean all of these places for the best result.
  • Another important tip for Cleaning your air fryer is to get rid of a foul smell. For this step, you will need a wet cloth or sponge and some vinegar.
  • Put the vinegar on your cloth or sponge and clean the inside of the air fryer thoroughly with it. This should not take more than 10 minutes, but make sure to wipe it down as well as any removable parts inside the machine as well as on the outside.
  • To reduce the amount of fume that is released when heating a fryer, brush a small layer of oil on the inner walls before turning it on.
  • Use of aluminum foil in your air fryer basket to keep it odorless and mess-free. And it will also help the basket last longer because it will keep the non-stick coating in better shape. Just cover the basket bottom with the help of aluminum foil.
  • The grease will stick to the aluminum foil instead of spilling into the fryer and getting cooked.

Employ aluminum foil inserts: Tip For You

Keeping your air fryer clean can be a hassle, but there’s a simple trick to make the process a lot easier.

By using aluminum foil to line the bottom of the basket, you can prevent extra grease or melted cheese from spilling into the fryer and getting baked on.

This not only keeps the air fryer mess-free but also helps to preserve the non-stick coating of the basket, making it last longer.

When you’re finished cooking, simply twist the four corners of the foil to create a handle that makes it easy to lift out and throw away.

This bonus tip is a great way to maintain your air fryer and make cleaning up a breeze.


In this article, you learned about how to get rid of air fryer plastic smell and other information regarding air fryers.

If You want to shop for great style and power full appliances such as air fryer you can read our detailed article about the Air Fryers model.

If you have a small kitchen or are really busy, you might want to get an air fryer. Air fryers are really good because they use hot air for cooking things instead of oil. So they don’t make your house smell like fried food when you use them. But sometimes, they do make your house smell like they are burning.

So in this article, we looked at why that is. We looked at why air fryers smell. Then we looked at how to get air fryer not to smell anymore. If you take good care of your air fryer and clean it after using it, it will not smell anymore.

Sometimes you can smell a burning air fryer’s plastic smell in your kitchen. It’s not a good smell, and you don’t want to smell it. The bad smells but good news is that the air fryer’s burnt plastic smell always goes away quickly after some time.


1. Are all air fryers plastic inside?

Most air fryers are made of plastic, but did you know that plastics contain chemicals that can disrupt our endocrine system?
Not to mention, plastics are also destroying our environment. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, try an air fryer made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and doesn’t off-gas like plastic, so it’s a safer choice for both you and the planet.

2. Are air fryers safe from chemicals?

Although air-frying is a healthier alternative to deep-frying, there are still harmful chemicals present in the air fryer smells like over-fried foods – albeit at lower levels.
Additionally, it takes longer to cook food in an air fryer and the taste and texture of the food can be an unpleasant and smell slightly different compared to deep-fried or frozen foods.

3. Is air fryer healthier than microwave?

Air fryers are usually a healthier option than microwaves because they cook food by using circulating hot air instead of radiation.
This method requires very high temperatures and a small amount of oil to make food crispy, and it is overall a more efficient way of cooking food.

4. Can you cook pizza in the air fryer?

Place the pizza in the air fryer basket and lightly spray the top of the pizza with cooking oil to prevent the toppings from burning.
Cook the pizza at 380°F/195°C for 6-10 minutes, or until it is cooked to your desired crispness. Start cooking for about 6 minutes first, then check on the pizza and cook for an additional 2-4 minutes if necessary.

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