Thanksgiving Food Waste Is Nothing To Celebrate

Thanksgiving Food Waste Is Nothing To Celebrate

According to a recent estimate from ReFED,  an organization based in New York that researches food waste, American  households will waste approximately 305 million pounds of food this  holiday season.

Make a plan before you start cooking. Know how many people you’ll be  feeding and what dishes they’ll want. This will make it easier to avoid  making too much food.’s Guest-imator tool is the best way to figure out how much food you’ll need for your event!

Use leftovers in creative ways. There are tons of recipes online for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Compost any food that you can’t eat. This will help reduce emissions from landfills.

Food waste isn’t just a humanitarian concern. It’s also an environmental  one. 

Food scraps that end up in composters, anaerobic digesters, animal feed,  or other more environmentally friendly destinations aren’t considered  waste by ReFED’s analysis.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what we have. Let’s not waste it!